Stand Up, Speak Up - Safetember Wrap Up

Guinness Care News Article - 4 October 2021
Stand Up, Speak Up - Safetember Wrap Up

It’s everyone’s responsibility to help prevent, identify, and report abuse.

This September, Guinness Care worked to protect vulnerable older people through our annual campaign Safetember – a month-long project to raise awareness of the important safeguarding issue – elder abuse.

Thank you to everyone who got involved. With 1 in 6 older people living in the UK being victims of elder abuse, this has never been more important. As a housing and care provider, we have an important role to play in keeping people safe, and Guinness is committed to safeguarding people who use, or are connected to, our services and to protecting them from abuse.


What we achieved during Safetember

We shared important tools with everyone to help prevent, identify, and report abuse. Throughout the month…

  • We featured interviews with Guinness Care colleagues, championing the Guinness Domestic Abuse Working Group.
  • We posted an interactive quiz to help colleagues understand the signs of elder abuse.
  • 51 members of Guinness Care signed up to Lunch & Learn sessions with Carrie at AgeUK, on the topic of domestic abuse in older adults.
  • We posted educational content and practical tips, creating an exclusive ‘Knowledge Hub’ full of important information and links for colleagues.
  • We launched a digital campaign, providing bitesize shareable content on the Guinness Care Facebook and Twitter.
  • We featured in and National Care Forum – raising awareness.
  • We created and distributed a downloadable infographic for our customers.

Thank you again for joining us in raising awareness of elder abuse. Safetember might be over, but this is not the end. There are lots of ways we can continue to take a stand against abuse. This will mean continuing to raise awareness, keeping the conversation going and understanding the signs.

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Together, we can make a difference and stand up to abuse.