Reflecting on our impact

Guinness Care News Article - 8 July 2021
Reflecting on our impact

This week as we celebrate the first ever NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers' Day, we pause for just a moment to reflect on the tremendous impact our teams have had on our customers during these challenging times.

Fear, uncertainty, loneliness and isolation. These were some of the buzz words of the Covid-19 pandemic. Every single person in the country would have experienced these emotions at some point and in varying degrees in the last few months.

However, our colleagues at Guinness Care did not allow these words to consume them; instead, they rose above to keep spirits lifted, people connected and our customers active.

For them, it might have felt like just part of their job, but for our customers and others around them, it has meant that lasting memories and new friendships have been formed under very unique circumstances.

Our teams have made a difference every single day by doing both big and little things. As you can imagine, it's impossible to list all the activities across all of our services in one single article. Instead, we’ve compiled just a few of those moments as a reminder of how resilient, creative and caring our colleagues have been, even in the face of adversity.

Keeping spirits lifted

To help our customers banish the lockdown blues, colleagues wasted no time in coming up with activities that helped to lift spirits and create a feeling of ‘normal’, including seasonal decorations, fancy feasts and local entertainment!

Remembrance Day celebrations at Pickmere Court, Crewe.

Santa's helpers at Avondown House in Bath.


Residents of Southlands in Bristol swooned over this Irish cream caramel cheesecake in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Meanwhile, residents of the Sheffield Foyer chowed down to a fancy curry for Eid! 

Music and dancing are always great fun and residents at Hanover Court in Cinderford were entertained by the team with their rendition of YMCA!

Keeping people connected

The unique circumstances of Covid-19 led to some very interesting ways of staying connected during lockdown. We heard of several community fundraising activities, arts and crafts, a virtual sporting event and the launch of a new pen-pals project!



Close knit communities: our colleagues have brought customers closer together through knitting, arts and crafts and writing activities. 

We thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the Good Neighbour Awards organised by our teams in the North!

And who could forget the time when customers at Prince Rupert Court were encouraged to enter the Swindon Virtual Games, and then only went on to win 1st place?

Keeping customers active

Keeping active during national lockdowns played a vital role in maintaining health and wellbeing. As many customers could not venture out as normal, our colleagues found new ways to keep people moving across all our services!

A round of applause to our teams for implementing the Pedometer Challenge in the North! By the end of this challenge, customers had done 1,775,947 steps - that's just over the equivalent of walking from Lands' End to John O'Groats!

A breath of fresh air: customers at Margaret Matthews Court in Swindon enjoyed time outdoors in the garden with our friends from GoodGym, arranged by our teams!

Pedal-Powering on: our teams at Phoenix House and Court in Frome have helped residents to stay active by signing them up to the Love to Pedal scheme by the Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership.

Thank you to all our colleagues for your selflessness and dedication during the pandemic – we are glad to have you as part of our team!