Meet our SCAMbassadors

Guinness Care News Article - 24 September 2020
Meet our SCAMbassadors

Earlier this month, we launched our new annual Safetember campaign, in which we highlight important safeguarding matters during the course of September. For 2020, our theme is around financial awareness and preventing scams.

As part of Safetember 2020, we caught up with our Friends Against Scams SCAMbassadors -- David Rice (Director of Business Development) and Mitch Williams (Health & Wellbeing Coordinator) -- who both took on this important role to help raise awareness of the campaign both within Guinness and to the wider public:

Mitch Williams

We discovered the Friends Against Scams campaign whilst looking for advice and information for our customers and staff around being scam aware. I took the project to the Guinness Care Executive Team, and we all agreed how important it was that we were involved.

We launched the partnership on 6 May 2020, and we set ourselves a target of training 500 staff and customers by the end of the year. We’re currently at the halfway mark, and everyone who has completed the training can’t quite believe how many different scams there are, and how clever these criminals can be.

David Rice

We strongly believe that the campaign and the training itself is so beneficial, especially with the amount of uncertainty in the world right now. We’ve just been told we’ve reached 250 ‘Friends’ within Guinness which is a fantastic achievement!

It was always in our plans to promote the training to our customers, but unfortunately coronavirus put a hold on these plans. However, this didn’t put a hold on our determination, it just meant we had to be more creative! We’re currently working with a handful of schemes to pilot this, and we’re excited to see what our customers think.

To find out more about our Friends Against Scams partnership and training, please visit our scam awareness page.