Made with Care Week 3: Opportunities to develop

Guinness Care News Article - 24 February 2022
Made with Care Week 3: Opportunities to develop

It’s Week 3 of our Made with Care series, where we are helping guide people to their perfect role in care and support.

We are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining the very best people. Guinness is growing and has ambitious targets to achieve by 2023. Among other things, we aim to be:

  • One of the best service providers in the housing and care sectors.
  • One of the best employers in the country.
  • A strong and efficient business that does things well, and that people can trust and rely on.

These goals can’t be achieved without our amazing teams. Therefore, we offer full and essential training through in-depth induction packages.

Prior experience is not a requirement for most entry-level roles, which means we support new members of the team in gaining the essential skills required to feel confident in their new career. Beyond this, our teams are encouraged and celebrated to take part in further training and development, and many of our teams have progressed into senior and management positions at Guinness Care!

To find out more about the training on offer at Guinness, we spoke to Trudy about her role as a Trainer at Guinness Care.


What training is offered at Guinness Care?

"Upon joining Guinness Care, your journey will begin with a comprehensive induction process. This includes everything you need to safely and confidently begin your career.

The induction includes practical elements of the role, as well as digital learning (e-learning) on varied, but essential, subjects - including completion of the Care Certificate Standards. Upon completion you will receive your Care Certificate, and your journey as part of the Guinness Care family will begin!

After your induction, you will get an opportunity to sit down with your Manager in a face-to-face training session. This will cover important technical training such as Medication, Basic Life Support and Moving and Handling training."



A lot of people believe a career in Adult Social Care is unskilled – what is your view on this?

"Our teams are skilled Adult Social Care workers with a variety of training under their belts!

The Care Act 2014 ensures that colleagues have thorough and comprehensive training to enable them to provide high-quality care to customers, which improves independence and wellbeing.

It is essential that colleagues complete their Care Certificate and its 15 Standards. In addition to this, an RQF vocational qualification can be worked towards."


In a few sentences, how would you describe the training at Guinness? What are the highlights?

"The training at Guinness Care is comprehensive and covers a variety of subjects. It is mostly e-learning based, which enables our teams to watch videos whilst checking their knowledge of that subject. This is great, as it offers colleagues a chance to digest the training, rewind or even repeat a section at their leisure.

In our face-to-face training, colleagues come together from a variety of areas across the organisation to learn how to put their knowledge into real-life practice. This is where I get to meet our shining stars, which is a real highlight for me - meeting our new colleagues and working with them to further their knowledge."


What single bit of advice would you give to someone considering taking up a role in Care or Support?

"Go for it! The reward of uplifting a customer’s day is a lovely feeling. Just to know that you’ve made them smile or helped them in even a small way. Regardless of the degree of assistance that you have offered, it can make that person’s day!"


A huge thank you to Trudy for talking to us!

A career in care and support is a complex and incredibly rewarding journey, with a real opportunity to make a difference to someone’s life. It doesn’t matter if you have no previous experience - if you’re passionate about helping others, you’re our perfect candidate.

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