Global Intergenerational Week 2022

Guinness Care News Article - 26 April 2022
Global Intergenerational Week 2022

Guinness are no strangers to bringing people together and creating connections! Read this article to find out how (and why!) we connect people of different age groups.

For Intergenerational Week 2022 (25th April – 1st May), Guinness Care are shining a light on the importance of bridging the age gap.

As we emerge from the pandemic, it’s vital that we develop and celebrate relationships between generations to:

  • rebuild our communities
  • reduce isolation and loneliness
  • improve health and mental wellbeing
  • help young people to catch up with their learning
  • reduce ageism


What are we doing at Guinness?

We have been busy working across our services, local communities and generations to build opportunities and break down intergenerational barriers.

Over the past couple of years, with the support of our Health and Wellbeing Coordinators, a number of engaging intergenerational projects were delivered across our services. This includes:


The Together Project

Our partnership with the Together Project has been running since September 2021. The Together Project is a national charity that boosts wellbeing, reduces loneliness and fosters stronger, happier communities, by creating joyful intergenerational experiences.

Since we opened our doors (and our hearts!) to The Together Project, they have delivered 79 Songs and Smiles sessions in 5 of our Independent Living sites, engaging with 165 parents and children!

Each session brings together 0-4 year olds and their parents with older adults to sing, move, play make friends and just… have fun!

“I loved the bubbles and the amazement on the children's faces. It was wonderful, it really struck me!” - Arthur, Brackendale Guinness Care Customer



For the past 2 years, Guinness have partnered with InCommon to provide access to a range of intergenerational activities.

InCommon connect groups of young people with their older neighbours to learn and build friendships together. Over the last quarter, we have seen 122 engagements with 120 older adults across Guinness Care, through activities such as:

  • Coffee mornings
  • Intergenerational phone-calls
  • In-person workshops and days out, including an outdoor gardening day
  • 79 uplifting magazines made by school children sent to residents, which you can read here.
  • Christmas cards made by the children and sent to residents

“I’m not married and don't have children, so the programme has allowed me to keep up with the way children are in this day and age.” Rupert House Guinness Care Customer.


What are the benefits of intergenerational projects?

Research has shown that intergenerational relationships can bring a wide variety of benefits, to both the children and older adults.

The benefits to children include:

  • A better sense of who they are, history and culture
  • Better life skills
  • An increase in self-esteem and confidence
  • Better emotional and social skills
  • An opportunity to learn new skills, patience and knowledge
  • A chance to have fun!

The benefits to adults include:

  • A sense of ‘joyful freedom’
  • Less depression and better overall mental health
  • Better physical health and higher degrees of life satisfaction
  • An opportunity to learn new things and a chance to see the world anew again
  • The power to leave a legacy and make a difference

This is why it’s so important to harness the power of intergenerational connection in our communities.

To find out more about our Independent Living services and what life is like at Guinness, click here.