Every Day Is Different Wrap Up

Guinness Care News Article - 30 April 2021
Every Day Is Different Wrap Up

In line with the Department of Health and Social Care’s campaign ‘Every Day is Different’, Guinness Care ran a month-long social media series throughout April, showcasing what it’s like to work in the care and support sector.

Adult Social Care attracts all kinds of people with one thing in common: a desire to help make a difference every day. Many people do not realise the huge range of rewarding and challenging work that care workers undertake as well as the variety of care settings that people work in.


Working in Adult Social Care, you make a difference to people’s lives every day, and they will make a difference to yours too.

Following their recent ‘Care for Others, Make A Difference’, campaign, The Department of Health and Social Care once more looked to celebrate the vital and fantastic work that care workers do, in the hope of inspiring those with matching values and attitudes to choose a career in care. This phase of the campaign was called ‘Every Day Is Different’.

To support this campaign, Guinness Care ran a month-long digital campaign, to showcase what it's like to work in Adult Social Care. Over 5 weeks, we ran feature various stories from across Guinness Care – including insightful Q&A’s with staff, information guides and good news stories. 

If you missed this - don't worry. We have compiled the stories from staff below:

Week 1 > 5 Minutes with Leona on diversity and inclusivity – every day is different!

Week 1 > 5 Minutes with Dominique on diversity and inclusivity – every day is different!

Week 2 > 5 minutes with Karen on the rewarding moments and memorable relationships.

Week 3 >5 minutes with Lucinda on the security and flexibility.

Week 4 > 5 minutes with Emma on the comprehensive learning and development.

Thank you to all of those who got involved in the campaign. To explore the complete project, head to our social media below.

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