Dementia Information Hub

Guinness Care News Article - 18 May 2022
Dementia Information Hub

The Dementia and Housing Working Group is launching a brand new free dementia information hub.


Dementia Information Hub: Launching Tuesday 24 May, 16:00pm

It’s difficult to know where to go to find the latest dementia specific guidance. To combat this issue, The Dementia and Housing Working Group is launching a “go-to” resource for use by policy makers, RPs and housing developers, health and care professionals, those living with dementia and their support networks, the home improvement sector, and building environment supply chains.

The aim of the information hub is to create a pool of information, and signpost users to a plethora of credible resources. The hub, which has been created using an online platform called ‘Padlet’, will be launching officially on Tuesday 24 May at 16:00 via a Housing LIN Happi Hour.


What is the Dementia and Housing Working Group?

Guinness is a member of the Dementia and Housing Working Group, which brings together a wide range of stakeholders to focus specifically on housing and dementia.

The group promotes the role of the housing sector in enabling people with dementia to live independently, in a suitable home environment in accordance with their needs and aspirations.

Find out more about the Dementia and Housing Working Group here.


Why are we doing this work?

  • You can use this go-to resource to stay up to date with changing policy, news and resources in the dementia friendly landscape.
  • You can share the Padlet resources with your colleagues, friends and family as a weblink.
  • You will have one-stop access to a range of credible resources.


Save the date

Event: HAPPI Hour – Dementia and Housing Padlet Launch Event

Date and Time: 31 May 2022, 16:00 – 17:15

Sign up: Click here to register for the launch event.