Dementia Action Week, 2022

Guinness Care News Article - 16 May 2022
Dementia Action Week, 2022

The annual campaign, run by Alzheimer’s Society, is aimed at encouraging people to take action to improve the lives of people living with dementia.

This week, we’ll be telling everyone about the key projects we are running across Guinness and shine a light on the actions we have been taking to improve the lives of those living with dementia.

Statistics show that one in three people born in the UK today will go on to develop dementia, and there will be one million people living with dementia by 2025. This makes dementia care one of the greatest challenges facing our society.

We all have a role to play in making the UK a dementia-friendly place to live, which is why seven years ago, we made a commitment to be a dementia-friendly organisation. Since then, we’ve significantly improved our knowledge, skills and housing.

Guinness are committed to:

  • Raising awareness (we do this through our Dementia Friends commitment, learning through previous partnerships with LGBT Foundation Bring Dementia Out, events, panel discussions, reports and support networks).
  • Keeping the conversation relevant and guiding policy (we are a key member of the Dementia Housing Working Group).
  • Investing in dementia-friendly environments (we offer specialist and general needs housing – providing innovative solutions in the way of aids, adaptations and assistive technology).
  • Contributing to research and reports (such as the APPG ‘Inquiries into Dementia’ report).
  • Providing industry-leading dementia care and support (our training is current and comprehensive).

“It’s so important to recognise that we are all different, and so it follows that everyone living with dementia will also require help and support at a different time, and in a different way.” – Wendy Wells, Head of Policy and Business Implementation.

In support of this week, we will be posting a variety of content via our social media pages.

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