5 Ways to Wellbeing – be active

Guinness Care News Article - 27 November 2020
5 Ways to Wellbeing – be active

In our second 5 Ways to Wellbeing blog, we’re sharing some tips for keeping active.

Being active is not only great for physical health and fitness, but evidence shows it can also improve your mental wellbeing. Benefits include an improvement in mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Here are some ideas for ways to stay active:

If you only have twenty minutes:

  • Challenge yourself to complete a quick workout every day. The Royal Voluntary Service has produced a number of short videos to show how easy it is to exercise at home, even when you’re sitting down!
  • Go for a walk around the garden, or to your local shop; you could even ask a family member or neighbour to join you (in line with current Government guidelines on social distancing, of course).
  • Try some chair-based yoga to help relieve tension.

If you have an hour:

  • Where you can, choose to walk instead of driving or taking public transport. Not only will the exercise boost your mood, you’ll be saving money and the environment at the same time!
  • Contact your local leisure centre or community centre to find out about future exercise classes (once Covid-19 restrictions have eased). Many offer classes that are tailored to different abilities and age groups, from Tai Chi and yoga, to low-impact water aerobics.

If you have longer:

  • Take inspiration from incredible fundraisers like Captain Sir Tom Moore, and set a goal to raise money for charity with a keep-active challenge of your own.
  • Get outdoors and tend to your garden or allotment – being outside with nature brings its own set of benefits as well as keeping active!

Please always check with your GP before making any changes to your lifestyle or activity levels. And if you’d like some extra support to stay active, Guinness Care at Home can help. Get in touch with us here.

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