5 Minutes with Lucinda

Guinness Care News Article - 15 April 2021
5 Minutes with Lucinda

To fit this week's theme on 'Job Stability and Flexibility', we have spoken to Lucinda about her role as a Care and Support Enabler in St Austell.

Lucinda has worked for Guinness Care for 15 years, and has just recently celebrated a Long Service Award with us.  We asked Lucinda the following questions about her role at Guinness Care.


How would you explain what you do to a child?

I help people who are either elderly or disabled to live as well as possible in their own home. 


Take us through a day in your work-life.

I get up really early and I do a routine of exercises, leaving myself plenty of time to get my first call. I do three early calls, which then leads me into three lunch calls.


What motivated you to choose a job at Guinness Care?

I chose Guinness Care because their reputation was by far the best in the area. I feel secure in my job - the management are always extremely supportive.


What do you think the main reason is that you have been with Guinness for so long?

I really enjoy the reward one can get from caring, and the satisfaction that I am helping someone less fortunate than me. There are pitfalls and extreme emotion, but the love outweighs that!


What do you love most about your job at Guinness Care?

Right from a small child, I have loved looking after children - and after finishing teaching small children to dance, I went into caring. I have really loved the challenge and also the love. 


Explain your experience working in the care industry using just 3 words:





What final piece of advice would you give to someone who was considering a career in the care industry?

You will meet so many different people with varied backgrounds, with so many tales to tell, which will expand your experience in life. It can be a very rewarding job if you are a caring and patient person, there is no better career!


Are you someone looking for a secure and flexible job, working with a team of dedicated colleagues? A job in care might be for you.



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