5 Minutes with Leona

Guinness Care News Article - 30 March 2021
5 Minutes with Leona

To fit this week's theme on 'Job Diversity', we have spoken to Leona Pillinger about her diverse role as a Guinness Care Trainer in Bristol.

Leona has worked for Guinness Care for 10 years, joining the organisation originally as a Sheltered Scheme Manager and progressing through the organisation. Leona is also a member of the Diversity and Inclusion group at The Guinness Partnership. We asked Leona the following questions about her role at Guinness Care.


How would you explain what you do to a child?

I teach staff the important things that they need to know about caring for our customers in the best way!


You’ve been with Guinness Care for 10 years now, what has motivated you to stay and progress?

I started as a Sheltered Scheme Manager covering 3 schemes in Bath. I was really grateful that I was given the opportunity to join the training team as I had had no prior experience.

I really like the ethos of the company and think that Guinness excels in looking after the wellbeing of its employees.


Take us through a day in your work-life.

My working day is very varied. I may be working in the office doing face to face training which means getting my children up and ready and dropping them to pre-school care. I get to the office for 08:30 to get everything set up.

Other days I am conducting webinar training which I can usually do from home!

I also help with interviewing new carers when needed and I support staff to complete their e-learning and review update learning.

More recently, I have been developing a new eLearning module in Diversity and Inclusion with a colleague, which is very exciting!


Do you believe Guinness Care is a diverse and inclusive place to work?

Yes absolutely! I think that Guinness actively encourages inclusion and really looks after staff needs.

There are many support offerings, and I have even attended a Mental Health First Aiders course to support colleagues who are struggling. Before Covid-19 our office had some lovely craft sessions at lunchtime, which brought people together, and meet and chat groups to help communication across teams.

I am also a keen member of the Partnership Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group, and we have a detailed anti-racism strategy, a D&I strategy, and a hugely diverse workforce/customer base.

I truly believe Guinness Care embraces difference and understands how important it is for the business, customers, and staff


You mention the you are a member of the partnership diversity and inclusion steering group – what does this entail?

The D&I steering group is a group which is run by The Guinness Partnership. It meets three monthly and discusses all things diversity and inclusion. This includes the detailed D&I strategy, and anti-racism statement etc and looks at ways we can improve.


What do you love most about your job at Guinness Care?

Meeting new people, building relationships with the lovely staff that we already have and getting feedback from existing staff on training which we can use to improve our services.


Explain your experience working in the care industry using just 3 words:





Are you someone who likes doing different things every day, enjoys a challenge and wants to work with a variety of people from different backgrounds? Working in the care and support sector means you get the opportunity to do all of these things, and more.

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